Episode 1: Meet the Ladies of NYAF

Welcome to Not Your Average Feminist - a podcast for feminists of the future. Before we can get to changing the world of modern feminism, we thought you should get to know us! 

Show Notes

[0:00] Podcast Introduction

[0:29] - How the NYAF came to be right after the 2016 Elections. Feeling our voice was missing from the Women’s March and aftermath of the inauguration riots. The original Facebook page launched in 2017 and the build up to this podcast. 

[4:56] - Regaining confidence as a Conservative woman in the post-Trump era. Dealing with stereotyping, violence, name calling and lost friendships. 

[9:00] - Call to arms: we need more conservative feminists in the mainstream culture. No more token right of center women to fill quotas. 

[10:57] - Responding to the calls from feminists of the left to “educate ourselves” - OK, let’s do it. We want to learn about fem thought leaders, issues and the history of the movement and how it’s evolved over the decades. We want to find common ground and to have an open dialog! 

[13:15] - This is a safe space. Pinky swear!

[14:05] - Christina tells her story. NJ > MD. Diver. 

[15:00] - Amanda tells her story. SC > DC. Former Journalist. 

[16:14] - Sarah tells her story. SC > VA. Hillbilly turned redneck. 

[18:34] - What to expect from this podcast. Culture over politics. Please please give us your feedback. What do you want to learn about or hear us talk about? Let’s bridge the divide between women on the political right and left. Spreading love and understanding as we head into the new year. 

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Christina Powell