Episode 7: The Women's March Part 2 - The Not-So-Unifying Principles

[00:00] Intros.

[00:50] This week, we’re taking a deep dive into the Women’s March 2019 political agenda, plus their unity principles.


[07:00] What do these principles actually mean? Time to dig a little deeper…

[09:00] What does it mean to end the arming of police officers with military grade weapons? Line of duty deaths have actually increased since 2016. Is that taken into account?




[11:00] There’s not a lot in here that really makes up a “women’s agenda.” It’s a progressive agenda. Period. Plus, who doesn’t love a good committee?

[15:40] One thing is clear: This is the Women’s March oving into is next phase of existence. Also: If you have 20 goals, you have none.

[21:40] We can all unify behind ending violence against women. We all want that. When it comes to other goals though, why does the Women’s March have to go to the extremes.

[28:30] What about female veterans? What about moms who are raising their kids while their husbands are on tour in Iraq or Afghanistan?


[31:00] Access to healthcare with no exceptions or limitations? Hhhm…

[33:50] It all goes back to the ultimate struggle between the right and the left: OUR RIGHTS.

[35:30] Wait. It’s not about rights. It’s about money!

Christina Powell