Episode 5: The Best of 2018

We sit down to say goodbye to 2018 on a positive note! It wasn't ALL bad!

Episode sponsored by RumbleUp.

[1:22} - Podcast Introduction

[2:25] - Sarah talks about her love of Rent The Runway

[4:15] - Sarah rediscovers her love of developing photos...

[6:28} - Sarah's third favorite thing is Fab Fit Fun (Check it out > http://xo.fff.me/lqabl)

{9:00] - Amanda's favorite album this year is Golden Hour! Woo!

[10:54] - Intermittent fasting has taken over Amanda's life. Good thing!

[13:15] - Best TV this year - The Americans finale and Ozarks Season 2.

[18:11] - For Christina, it all goes back to the Super Bowl...

[19:20] - Jersey Shore Family Vacation!

[22:08] - Christina closes out with her third favorite thing from this year: Bobby Bones winning Dancing With The Stars!

Christina Powell